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When I think of traditional law firm marketing, it usually involves a focus on being big. New entrants & alliances generally focus on being dynamic or use the strange phrase ‘game changing’. Smaller firms are generally patronised by the big firms & the media alike but consistently perform their duties in local markets.

The UK Legal Services Market Report 2015* suggests most private clients would rather go to traditional local law firms than national brands.

However, some might then point out that people need different types of legal services & not all small firms cover all areas of law. This is where the North West Solicitors Group becomes applicable.

Put simply, North West Solicitors is a group of law firms who are specialists in their respective areas. Each firm informally recommends the other firms in the group, when one of their clients requires a different legal service from another member firm.

There are no referral fees payable, no requirement for clients to accept the suggested referral, & no other link, than assisting clients find an expert more easily & efficiently.

Now, before I get caught in the legal marketing trap, referrals to other companies have probably been going from before my time on this earth. For the avoidance of doubt, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are simply going one step further in making the group openly accessible to the outside world & to assist our group.

So far, we have successfully referred clients across the group on an individual basis but also assisted the same clients in one matter, as I’m sure larger firms do also.

For more information about North West Solicitors, have a look at the services we offer

Rick Barrow is Marketing Director at Jackson Barrett & Gass.

*IRN Research 2015

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