About North West Solicitors Group

North West Solicitors is a group of law firms who are specialists in their respective areas.

The group was established by Richard Kerr, of Greenhalgh Kerr, for several reasons;

  1. It assists clients find an expert more easily & efficiently
  2. It offers clients the opportunity of using specialists in different legal areas, rather than one firm that covers all
  3. It allows cross referrals to different Solicitors without the concern of the client being acquired by a rival firm.
  4. According to UK Legal Services Market Report 2015*, most private clients would rather go to traditional local law firms than national brands (*IRN Research).

North West Solicitors is now an established referral group which has seen clients successfully referred to other member firms. Clients have instructed individual firms but have also used different firms at the same time – for example a Divorce & a new Will.

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